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If you have a scar that affects your appearance, you’ll be glad to know that effective scar removal is a quick, easy, laser treatment away. Dr. Hyacinth Ucheagwu at Vanity Klinic specializes in scar removal using the Icon and Elit+, which have a proven track record of eliminating or significantly diminishing the appearance of all types of scars. To learn whether you’re a good candidate for laser scar removal, call the office in Hoboken, New Jersey, or use online booking to schedule an appointment.

Scar Removal Q & A

How do scars develop?

All types of scars -- whether caused by acne, a cut, or surgery -- develop as your body produces new collagen to heal the wound. The resulting scar tissue has a different texture and quality compared to the surrounding skin.

Acne develops a scar when it becomes inflamed or infected, causing a deep blemish that spreads to surrounding tissues. Your body heals these larger acne lesions by producing new collagen, which creates a raised or depressed scar.

How are scars removed using the Icon and Elit+ lasers?

Laser scar treatment uses short pulses of laser energy to reach into deep layers of your skin without harming the skin’s surface. Heat from the laser stimulates your body’s natural healing process, which removes old, damaged scar tissue while rebuilding it with new collagen and elastin.

As fresh skin regrows with a boost of collagen and elastin, it’s stronger, tighter, and more resilient. Your scar either disappears, or its appearance is significantly diminished, depending on the severity of the scar.

What can you expect during laser scar removal?

Laser treatment typically takes about 30 minutes, but it varies depending on the size and type of scar being removed. Prior to your session, Dr. Ucheagwu explains the details of your procedure and talks with you about using a topical anesthetic to ensure your comfort.

After your session is finished, you may have some redness or swelling, but it goes away quickly. Your complete healing, however, takes time as your body works to heal tissues and produce new collagen and elastin. It may take several months to see optimal results.

You don’t need to continue living with an unsightly scar. To learn more about safe and effective laser scar removal, call Vanity Klinic or book an appointment online.