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Women aren’t the only ones who develop stretch marks; men can end up with them too, either from gaining weight or during adolescent growth spurts. Dr. Hyacinth Ucheagwu offers a safe solution — laser treatment with the Icon™ Aesthetic System. This innovative laser system uses fractional lasers to quickly and effectively treat stretch marks with no downtime. To learn more about stretch mark removal, call the office in Hoboken, New Jersey, or book an appointment online.

Stretch Mark Removal Q & A

How do stretch marks develop?

As you might expect, stretch marks develop when your skin is stretched too far. When this happens, the connective tissues in the middle layer of your skin are forced to expand beyond their normal limit. As a result, the tissues break or tear, and then during the healing process, the scars develop that appear as stretch marks.

Although stretch marks are associated with abdominal growth during pregnancy, they’re not limited to pregnancy. About 40-70% of teens develop stretch marks during adolescent growth spurts. They’re also caused by gaining weight and using corticosteroid medications.

How does the Icon remove stretch marks?

The Icon Aesthetic System is a fractional laser, which sends out tiny microbeams of light that penetrate pinpoint areas of your skin. These microbeams treat enough tissue to trigger healing while leaving healthy tissues that promote faster healing.

Another advantage of using a fractional laser is that the microbeams can reach deep below the surface. As heat from the laser breaks down scar tissue in the stretch mark, it also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

Your body naturally eliminates the old scar tissue, while new skin grows that’s strengthened by the boost of collagen and made more resilient thanks to elastin. Over the course of a few weeks to months, the scar is replaced with new tissue and the stretch mark is significantly diminished or eliminated.

What should you expect during stretch mark removal?

Before starting, Dr. Ucheagwu explains the procedure and determines whether you’d like numbing cream to ensure your comfort. Your laser treatment takes about 30 minutes, depending on the size and number of stretch marks.

After your session is finished, the targeted areas will appear red or slightly sunburned. This goes away quickly, however, so you won’t need to take downtime. You’ll begin to see results in a few weeks, as it takes time for your body to produce new collagen and clear away damaged tissues.

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of stretch marks, call Vanity Klinic or book an appointment online.